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Our Services

Immigration Law & Citizenship

  • Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit applications (Pink Slip)

  • Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit applications (Category F)

  • Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit applications (Speed Up Process - Purchase of a new property)

  • Citizenship apllication (Natuarlisation)

  • Registered Services Provider for Cyprus Investment Programme

  • European Permits (Yellow Slip)

  • Permits for British Citizens (securing your rights after Brexit)

  • Working visa applications for Foreign Interest Company's employees

Wills & Probate

  • Preparation and Execution of Wills in Cyprus

  • Estate Administration

  • Domicile Queries

Services provided in Greece

  • Greek Residence Permit Applications

  • Greek Employment Permits

  • Property and Investment

  • Legal Services

Commercial & Business Law

  • Registration of Cyprus Company.

  • Registration of companies in foreign jurisdictions (United Kingdom, China, European Countries)

  • Nominee Services (Director, Secretary and Office address)

  • Trusts

  • Tax Queries (Legal Consultation)

  • Non-Domicile Status Registration

  • Tax Registration

  • Bank Account opening

  • KYC and Due Diligence Checks

  • Legal Support with commercial transactions

  • Preparation of contracts and legal support


  • Assistance with Schengen Visa Applications

  • Assistance with UK Visa Applications

  • Assistance with the US Visa Applications

Real Estate & Property Law

  • Purchase or Sale Transactions of property in Cyprus (Full legal support and protection of your interests during the purchase /sale transaction

  • Assistance with the contracts for the construction / renovation of a property (contracts preparation and full legal support).

  • Tenancy - Rent Queries (Tenancy Agreement preparation, KYC checks, document preparation, etc)

  •   Gift of property bewteen family members (Full legal support)

  • Property disputes - legal assistance

Other administrative queries

  • Assistance with Mortgage Application

  • Power of Attorney preparation

  • Apostile of documentation

  • Translation queries


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